Shiba Dream Club
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Shiba Dream Club Story

This story began at the outset of the 2nd century AF (After Ford), when it was clear that the modern world was on the verge of collapse. The old world fought for itself, not knowing that it was destined to be destroyed and picked apart.

The fundamental rights and freedoms enjoyed in the Shiba civilization for millennia were lost in a single decade. Money lost its former importance; private property practically ceased to exist. Every month, the Shiba were offered a special, low-frequency irradiation procedure, whereby the lifespan of the Shiba individuals increased twofold. However, the procedure had a few side effects: enhanced submissiveness, suggestibility and loss of critical thinking skills.
Thus, a secret club, the Shiba Dream Club, was founded. Initially, it consisted of a small group of like-minded individuals, and, subsequently, it expanded to comprise a worldwide network. Shibas from all walks of society dreamed of a new and just world and worked to create a new ideology based on technology. In the middle of the second century AF, the Shiba Dream Club developed a technology that allowed them to open interdimensional portals and travel to another dimension of the neighbouring universe. This gave members hope that the Shiba civilization might have a second chance, although no longer on its home planet.

At the same time, a network of agents on Shiba's home planet searched for prospective club members among those individuals who were not willing to live in a world of illusion and brainwashing. Agents kept an eye on them and planted a special riddle card for them to find. By solving the riddle, new adepts could find their way to the Shiba Dream Club. The agents guide new members through an interdimensional portal to Shiba Dream Land, where they choose between building a new world or remaining in a land of dreams and fantasy. What choice will you make?

"Shiba Dream Club was initially inspired by the SHIBA Inu project."

Shiba Dream Club NFT and Commercial Rights


Unique NFT artwork. The team of illustrators designed each image so that each NFT is personalised


Commercial rights to sell MERCH with the image from your NFT during the time of ownership of this NFT


SHIBA DREAM CLUB Premium Membership

Road Map

4Q 2021

  • Project concept development
  • Art work concept developed by our team of illustrators

1Q 2022

  • Create Public Community
  • Illustrators’ hand-drawn artwork stage 1
  • Pre-SALE + Whitelist (1125 NFTs; 45% of total NFT supply), NFTs Revealed Upon Mint

2Q 2022

  • Build Public Community
  • Illustrators’ hand-drawn artwork stage 2
  • Collaborate with artists and other projects
  • Public SALE (1125 NFTs; 45% of total NFT supply) - NFTs Delayed Reveal - 45 days

3Q 2022

  • Promotion campaigns for community
  • Collaborate with artists and other projects - stage 2
  • Illustrators’ hand-drawn artwork stage 3

Shiba Dream Club NFT Distribution

  • Name:Shiba Dream Club NFT
  • Platform:Ethereum
  • Total supply:2,500
  • 45% Pre-Sale: 1125NFTs
  • 45% Public NFT Sale: 1125NFTs
  • 10% Auction/Promotion/Team: 250NFTs

Frequency Asked Questions

NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” which is a unique, one-of-a-kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade. Some NFTs mainly function to be digital art and look cool, while others offer additional utility like exclusive access to games or participation in an event (virtual or even real). You can think of it like a piece of art that can also act as a membership card.

The Pre-Sale will launch in March 2022 (Public Sale – 2Q 2022). We will provide final information about the time of pre-sale 1 weeks beforehand.

1 NFT Shiba Dream Club (pre-sale) = 0.1 ETH

Yes. We make a special allocation of NFTs for our early birds – (Whitelist).

1) Join our Discord channel – https://discord.com/invite/h8QxmMQAqn
2) Send direct message to our Community Managers or Founders
3) In your massage you should write:
(b) Your Ethereum address from MetaMask Wallet
(c) number of NFTs you plan to buy

March 2022 – Pre-Sale +Whitelist – 1125 NFTs, Revealed Upon Mint

2Q 2022 – Public Sale – 1125 NFTs, Delayed Reveal – 45 days

Q2-3Q 2022 – 250 NFTs (Auction/Promotion/Team), Delayed Reveal: 0-45 days

We don’t use randomly generated pictures for our NFTs. Any person could make any amount of NFTs of this type in one or two days. For our project, we use real illustrators who provide their ideas and creative works. Therefore, each of our NFTs is unique and takes time to make. Even with 8+ illustrators, it takes time to create nice NFTs. It will take about 180 days to create the full collection.

You are free to do anything with them (trade, sell, or buy). You will have the commercial rights to sell MERCH with the image from your NFT during the time that you hold the NFT. NFT holders will also have Premium Membership in SHIBA DREAM CLUB.

First, you are buying a unique NFT artwork. Second, you will have the commercial rights to sell MERCH with the image from your NFT during the time in which you own it. Finally, NFT holders will have Premium Membership in SHIBA DREAM CLUB.

Yes, in the future we will. We have reserved some Shiba Dream Club NFTs to give away in competitions and for marketing. Most of these will be given out after main sale NFTs.

The Shiba Dream Club project can be compared to a startup. The risks of any startup are widely known and high. Our team works hard to do everything as efficiently as possible, but there are always risks that something will not go as planned. However, the success of Shiba Dream Club relies on so many factors and variables that no one can be certain of the outcome! Hopefully, Shiba Dream Club members will go to the “moon” and the neighbouring universe, but, like anything in life, don’t spend money or crypto you can’t afford to lose.

The optimal strategy is to spend 3-5% from your crypto assets on the Shiba Dream Club Project (NFT or token). Diversification of your risk is the best strategy in the startup industry.

Head to our Discord to learn more and ask any questions.


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